Ben Greenfield’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

12 Epic Gifts for Dad's Peak Performance and Vitality


Give Dad the gift of on-the-go recovery and pain relief with Kineon Lab's MOVE+ Pro. This portable red light therapy device combines powerful lasers and LEDs to reduce pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, and support joint recovery in just 5–15 minutes. 

Its compact design allows for easy travel anytime, anywhere. I strap mine onto my knees or elbows while podcasting or talking on the phone for instant joint support, giving me immediate access to targeted red light therapy.

You can also hang the light device around your neck, especially before or after a workout. This allows the lights to target the blood on your carotid arteries, quickly activating ATP production as the blood passes through.

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Is the dad in your life experiencing daytime fatigue, occasional headaches, or difficulty settling down for a restful night's sleep? If so, I highly recommend exploring BON CHARGE's lighting collection to brighten his Father's Day and improve his overall well-being.

I’m such a fan of BON CHARGE's circadian-friendly lighting, its bulbs illuminate my entire home, minimizing sleep-disrupting blue light in the evening and offering full-spectrum or low-blue light during the day.

Their lighting collection is great for keeping Dad’s eye strain and migraines at bay, promoting relaxation, and improving his sleep. As a bonus, their entire collection is flicker-free, and their lights emit zero harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) — unlike most lights on the market.

So, if your dad regularly gets sore eyes, the occasional migraine, or feels restless at night, check out BON CHARGE’s lighting collection to help him feel rested and restored this Father’s Day.

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Ultimate Longevity

This Father's Day, give Dad the gift of "ultimate longevity" with Ultimate Longevity's Grounded Sleep Mat and Pillowcase. 

Over 20 peer-reviewed research studies have shown numerous impressive benefits — from dramatic pain and inflammation reduction to improved sleep and HRV. Additionally, studies have shown decreases in cortisol, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improvements in metabolism, circulation, immunity, blood viscosity, and blood glucose levels. 

The electrons you absorb (via the sleep mat and pillowcase) also: 

  • Increase energy
  • Enhance performance and recovery
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Improve thyroid and other endocrine functions
  • Neutralize free radical damage
  • Enhance cellular gating (which improves nutrient, oxygen, and hormone absorption while maximizing the removal of cellular waste)... the list goes on. 

The most important time to ground yourself is during sleep (when your body is in healing and repair mode).

Click here to grab the perfect Father's Day gift for Dad — I'm sure he'll love it as much as I do!

Give Dad the gift of Ultimate Longevity


Elevate Dad's daily routine with the ultimate gift in clean, non-toxic personal care from HygieneLab this Father's Day. HygieneLab redefines men's hygiene by putting well-being first, offering seven essential products, from face wash to deodorant, that exceed conventional standards without compromising safety or effectiveness.

Proudly 100% EWG Verified, HygieneLab prioritizes transparency, using only fully disclosed ingredients that undergo rigorous scrutiny to be free from harmful chemicals. Give Dad the gift of feeling confident and cared for from the inside out with high-quality, EWG Verified solutions.

So, treat the most important man in your life with the peace of mind that comes with premium, non-toxic personal care. He deserves the greatest clean hygiene products that make him look and feel his best every day.

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This Father's Day, upgrade Dad's footwear game with Peluva Strands — the ultimate minimalist shoes that combine comfort, function, and style. Say goodbye to cramped, stiff, and overly cushioned shoes that restrict your feet's natural movement. 

Peluva Strands offer the perfect balance of “groundfeel” and minimal cushioning, allowing Dad's feet to sense the terrain and respond accordingly, whether he's pounding the pavement, hiking mountain trails, or hitting the gym.

With separate toe compartments, Peluva Strands encourage individual toe articulation, relaxing, realigning, and strengthening the small muscles of the feet with every step. This improves strength, mobility, and resilience, making them the most comfortable shoes he'll ever wear. 

And let's not forget about style — these sleek, minimalist shoes look as great as they feel. 

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Limitless Biotech Peptides

Celebrate Father's Day by giving Dad the gift of optimal health and performance with Limitless Biotech peptides. Manufactured in the USA and subjected to the strictest quality control measures, these peptides undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure uncompromising purity and potency.

For active dads, peptides can offer a wide range of benefits to support peak performance and vitality. From enhancing muscle growth and accelerating recovery to boosting energy levels and cognitive function, peptides provide a powerful tool for optimizing the body. Certain peptides can also provide valuable hormone support, helping to maintain healthy testosterone levels, improve sleep quality, and reduce inflammation as Dad ages. 

Whether he's hitting the gym, tackling outdoor adventures, or simply striving to stay sharp and youthful, Limitless Biotech peptides can provide the edge he needs to unlock his full potential.

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Treat your active, health-conscious dad to the revitalizing power of the Himalayas with Organifi's Shilajit Gummies. This little-known superfood packs over 40 essential trace minerals, potent antioxidants, fulvic and humic acids, and more into delicious, bite-sized gummies.

Each serving delivers 250mg of pure shilajit, providing a full-body boost to support peak performance. Help Dad power through his workouts with increased energy production and muscle support, promote recovery with antioxidant protection and collagen synthesis, and optimize his hormones for vitality and decreased fatigue.

Whether conquering the great outdoors or just keeping up with an active lifestyle, these biohacking gummies are the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

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NADS Underwear

Ever wonder what's lurking in Dad's drawers? Conventional underwear often contains a cocktail of harmful chemicals and toxins like phthalates, BPA, and synthetic pesticides, which have been linked to decreased testosterone, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and a host of other health issues.

NADS rescues Dad’s undercarriage with their premium organic cotton Better-for-Balls underwear. Made without the harsh chemicals and toxins commonly used in conventional underwear production, NADS underwear is the optimal home for Dad's package.

Why let Dad suffer in silence with his toxic trunks? Upgrade his base layer to NADS Organic Underwear — because his crown jewels deserve a throne. 

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Is your partner struggling with low energy, decreased muscle mass, or a dip in his libido? Give him the gift of revitalized vitality this Father's Day with Maximus — the breakthrough testosterone booster designed to supercharge his manhood without compromising his fertility or overall health. 

This unique oral formulation delivers a potent testosterone boost, increasing his total T and free T by two. Unlike synthetic testosterone replacements, Maximus works naturally to optimize his body's own production, leaving liver, kidney, and testicular function unaffected. 

The result? A rejuvenated sense of youthful vigor and improved body composition.

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Unlock a powerful edge for Dad's active mind with Lucy — the revolutionary nicotine gum designed to propel his cognitive performance and mental stamina to new heights.

In today's fast-paced world, juggling work and family demands can test even the sharpest minds. But nicotine, delivered safely through Lucy's meticulously formulated gum, can provide a powerful cognitive boost.

Unlike harmful tobacco products, Lucy offers nicotine's benefits without the risks, enhancing attention, focus, and memory recall for optimized brainpower — exactly when Dad needs it most. 

This Father's Day, gift Dad the mental and emotional performance support of nicotine delivered in a smart, safe way to help him power through his daily battles — whether conquering projects or keeping up with the kids.

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The Better Dad Bod Coaching Bundle

One of the best presents you could possibly give the father in your life is lasting confidence and a transformed lifestyle with the Better Dad Bod Coaching Bundle. This comprehensive package is designed to help him achieve his fitness goals and feel his absolute best.

The bundle includes a fully customized 30-day fitness or nutrition plan meticulously tailored to Dad's unique needs and goals by my expert coaches. Whether he wants to build muscle, lose weight, or simply feel more energized, this program provides a personalized roadmap.  

But it doesn't stop there — Dad also gets a 30-minute one-on-one consultation to ensure his plan is fine-tuned for maximum results. His world-class coaches will also provide additional recommendations and any necessary adjustments for his ultimate success.

Help Dad finally conquer his fitness obstacles by purchasing his coaching plan here!

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Boundless Parenting

This Father's Day, empower the dads in your life with the gift of Boundless Parenting — a guide to navigating the complex adventure of fatherhood. 

Parenting is filled with questions, doubts, and challenges. How do you effectively educate children? Set fair yet firm rules? Discipline with love and understanding? Managing kids' health, diet, and exercise can also be daunting. 

If you want to raise children who are successful, kind, creative, resilient individuals positively impacting the world, give Dad the gift of practical wisdom from 37 experienced parents. Each chapter shares personal stories and advice on education, discipline, health, and more.

Read this insightful book together to help ensure you raise self-actualized, happy kids while avoiding previous generations' mistakes. Grab your copy of Boundless Parenting and empower the dads in your life this Father's Day!

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