Unlock Huge Savings on the Hottest Biohacked Gifts this Holiday Season!

We all know that it would probably make Grandma healthier if she owned her own brand-spanking-new mini-trampoline and hyperbaric oxygen chamber, that your brother needs something to kill his post-Christmas hangover, and all your cousins need to jump in an ice bath with red lights strapped to their heads. 

The goal of giving presents during the holidays is to express your love, care, and gratitude for those near and dear to you. That's why you need to make sure you buy gifts that are safe, vetted, and effective… but how do you even start finding trusted companies and products?

Yes, I’ll admit: with endless online options, finding unique, health-focused presents can be overwhelming. That's why I’ve buckled down, figured out what works and what doesn’t, and finally curated my own list of 24 vetted, done-for-you gift recommendations for the health enthusiast or wannabe biohacker in your life. 

As a relentless self-experimenter, I’ve cut through the noise to select products that make healthy living easier for life-optimizers like you. From longevity-boosting purple power gummies to sleep-inducing vibration wearables, my gift guide features effective, pure, and affordable picks designed to upgrade your loved one’s health and energy. 

So give the gift of wellness this holiday season with surprises for everyone on your list (even your pie-eating uncle who never knew he needed an artificial intelligence-driven bicycle — until now).

Deck the halls with massive deals before time runs out!


Once you hit 30, your body's antioxidant production decreases, affecting your health. By 40, you may experience aches, brain fog, low energy, and more. C60 combats free radicals and oxidative stress that accelerate aging. It's non-toxic and won't interact with other vitamins or medications. 

C60 gummies, my personal favorites, are sweetened with allulose and monk fruit, safe for blood sugar levels and overall health. I love to chop up C60’s Purple Power gummies into tiny pieces and add them to my morning smoothie for a fun, chewy texture that gives me oodles of clean energy — the perfect start to any day. It's time to give your family everything they need to reverse the effects of those extra cocktails at the holiday party and start the day with clean energy!

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Aires Tech

Safeguarding your health from EMFs is crucial. Aires Tech provides solutions for countering EMFs both at home and while traveling. I implement their products to reduce EMF effects at home and traveling through high-EMF areas like hotels and airports. 

Aires Tech’s Lifetune products target EMR emitted by consumer electronic devices such as cellphones, computers, baby monitors, and Wi-Fi, including the more powerful and rapidly expanding high-speed 5G networks. Aires Tech offers a small device that attaches to your phone, backpack, or purse to protect your long-term health from EMF damage, such as smartphone emissions. I've found it reduces brain fog and irritation while being visually appealing. 

Ensure you or your loved ones stay clear-headed during holiday phone calls with Grandma. ;)

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Kineon Lab's Move+ is a portable red light therapy device designed by a team of experts to alleviate joint pain and enhance recovery. This device combines lasers and LEDs to reduce pain, and inflammation, boost blood flow, and promote healing in damaged joints and cartilage in just 5-15 minutes. 

I can easily travel with it and even slap it on my knees, elbows, etc., while podcasting or talking on the phone for instant joint support. It’s like a warm infrared hug for any joint you wrap it around! This device offers a warm, soothing experience for your joints, making it a valuable tool for those seeking quick relief and recovery.

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Apollo, a wearable touch therapy device, offers a simple way to manage stress, enhance sleep (up to 30 additional minutes per night), aid physical recovery, and boost focus. It sends calming vibrations to your nervous system, prompting a unique brain response based on your selected setting. 

Using Apollo Vibes, akin to music for your body, offers higher vibrations to increase energy and focus, and lower vibrations to reduce stress and induce relaxation. This versatile tool helps you adapt to different situations throughout the day, from energizing mornings to restful nights, all without the need for pharmaceuticals. 

To learn how I use my Apollo, you can listen to this podcast and read this article and this article on how I use it for napping, meditation, social alertness, focus, and much more. My favorite part: it automatically shifts into relaxation and sleep mode when you wake up in the middle of the night, so you can fall back asleep, supplement and medication-free!

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Joovv, a pioneer in cutting-edge red light therapy, provides top-tier devices crafted for elevating skin health, facilitating muscle recovery, and fostering overall well-being. For years, I've immersed myself in full-body Joovv red light therapy — a vital component of my daily wellness routine. 

My personal preference leans toward comprehensive treatments utilizing Joov's potent LEDs, enabling me to harness the maximum light exposure in the shortest timeframe. However, it's essential to mention that experiencing the perks of red light therapy doesn't demand a full-body Joovv device exclusively. The Joovv lineup features various-sized devices, each delivering clinically proven wavelengths and optimal power to support your wellness objectives. 

One standout aspect of Joovv is their unwavering commitment to true medical-grade products, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance. Every Joovv device undergoes rigorous independent testing, guaranteeing a safe and effective experience within the comfort of your own home.

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The CAROL Bike gives you incredibly short but highly effective sweat-free, minimum-effective-dose exercise workouts — proven to deliver double the health and fitness benefits in 90% less time than regular cardio. 

CAROL’s AI-personalized workouts are easy to follow, suitable for any age and fitness level, and create the most potent training stimulus with just 2x20-second sprints. My own CAROL Bike gives me a sweat-free workout in my garage, and it’s super helpful when I’m short on time but want a massive oxygen and metabolic boost. 

You basically just get on the bike, start pedaling, and in less than nine minutes, you’ve checked your cardio off for the day. Great resource, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

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Ultimate Longevity

Here’s a big health hack for “ultimate longevity”: choose grounded sleeping with Ultimate Longevity’s Sleep Mat & Pillowcase. 


Over 20 peer-reviewed research studies have shown numerous impressive benefits from grounded sleeping — from dramatic pain and inflammation reduction to improved sleep, cellular function, and HRV. The studies have also shown decreases in cortisol, stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as improvements in metabolism, circulation, immunity, blood viscosity, and blood glucose levels. The most important time to ground is when you sleep (when your body is in healing and repair mode). To learn more about grounding, watch this short movie and listen to my podcast here

Pro tip: I stand on it in my office throughout a long workday to stay grounded. This can be helpful for those who also have long work days like me or just want to work some more mindfulness into their day. Grounding can go a long way, especially during the holiday season!

Click here to snag your own Sleep Mat and Pillowcase from Ultimate Longevity and see why I love it so much!

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KetoMed is designed to align with a properly formulated ketogenic diet, yet is metabolically flexible and can be used as a hybrid meal replacement or as a part of any low-carb nutrition lifestyle. The new KetoMed formula has enhanced bioavailable collagen protein peptides instead of whey protein to avoid blood sugar spikes, increased levels of the most ketogenic MCT oil (C8), added 30 antioxidant-rich superfoods lacking in high-fat diets, removed problematic gums and thickeners, and added acacia fiber and powdered olive oil. These changes provide better absorption, increased ketosis, more micronutrients, improved digestion, and an overall upgrade to the original KetoMed for optimal keto diet support. 

KetoMed is a no-brainer way to have a super tasty, low-carb meal that is done for you, guilt-free. Better yet, it is perfectly engineered to break up those high-carb meals during cozy wintertime!

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CURED Nutrition

CURED products are designed to support all aspects of the daily human experience. Whether you’re looking for clean, natural energy, relief for your everyday discomforts or a reset button with a deep night’s sleep, CURED has the answers for you. Some of the gummy flavors are fruity in nature, providing passion fruit and clementine notes, and include tons of ingredients to help with sleep and stress. When you pop a few of these gummies with a light meal containing high-quality fat, it will increase the absorption and potency of the gummies and help you melt into a calm, meditative-like state. 

From a survey of CURED users: 86% reported sleeping 7+ hours; 84% experienced deeper, more restful sleep; and 83% with a sleep tracker reported a significant positive change in their sleep scores. So maybe your stoned sibling can throw out their weed now and instead get a type of cannabis that actually helps with relaxation and sleep and doesn’t kill off brain cells.

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The Xtend-Life Total Balance “multivitamin” (although that’s an understatement) is a revolutionary, done-for-you, full-nutrient system with over 100 ingredients. Meticulously crafted for both men and women, it’s designed to enhance vitality and promote longevity by nourishing your body's cells with everything they require to thrive. 

This thing is jam-packed with natural ingredients like Vitamin K2 MK-7 in the form of MenaQ7® for bone and cardiovascular health and CyanthOx®, from wild organic sea buckthorn, which can support cardiovascular health and contains immune properties shown to stimulate stem cells.

If you’re interested in learning more about Xtend-Life, check out my recent podcast with the masterminds behind it (including the impressive 76-year-old founder), and learn why I and your favorite gift recipient no longer need to pack 12 different supplement bottles when we travel.

Click here to get your hands on Xtend-Life’s balancing products, and use code BEN15 for 15% off your purchase on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, OR use code BFCM to get 25% off their Total Balance Premium from November 20th through December 1st.

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Dry Farm Wines

Hangover-free and lab-tested for purity, Dry Farm Wines offers organic natural wines grown without irrigation on small family farms. The wines are sugar-free, lower in alcohol, and free of the 76 legal additives that can cause headaches. I specifically choose Dry Farm Wines when I’m entertaining people at my home, and these fantastic flavorful wines are always a hit. 

As I talked about with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines in my podcast, it's possible to enjoy your wine and wake up hangover-free. Dry Farm Wines have become the go-to wines I always keep in the house for special occasions, and I don't have to worry about waking up not feeling too hot the next day, either. This is why I am so adamant about making Dry Farm Wines your go-to wine collection for special occasions or just because — it’s that much better than your regular package store wines, and your body will thank you for it later when you’re not suffering from headaches or dry mouth after the Christmas party. ;)

So click here to join the “natural wine” movement today, kiss holiday hangovers goodbye, and enjoy (or gift) an extra bottle for just a penny in your first order.

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When it comes to fueling your body and brain, there’s nothing quite like ketones. I know what you’re thinking: “Fasting, restricting carbs, keto diet… sounds like a lot of work.” And before HVMN came out with Ketone-IQ, that was true. Ketone-IQ — a naturally sugar-free, caffeine-free shot of energy that feels fantastic — is simply the best way to get all the benefits of ketones without all the work. 

As discussed on my podcast with HVMN founder Michael Brandt, ketones are produced by the liver from fatty acids when carbohydrate intake and insulin levels are low. They can be an alternative energy source in the body and brain. One shot will quickly elevate your ketone levels, helping you feel clear, focused, and ready to take on the day — it is simply the most efficient ketone delivery on the market today. Plus, it keeps your appetite satiated for an entire day — never a bad idea when you’re surrounded by Christmas cookies all season long, right?

Click here to get some Ketone-IQ from HVMN.

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My wife and I rely on three red-light game-changers every week from HigherDOSE: the Infrared Sauna Blanket (which my mom keeps stealing because it helps her joints feel so good), the Red Light Face Mask (my wife combines this with her weekly clay mask), and the Red Light Neck Enhancer (that I like hanging around my neck for a metabolic thyroid boost). These innovative products offer a range of benefits: the Sauna Blanket promotes detoxification, muscle recovery, cardiovascular health, and better sleep with its low EMF, non-toxic materials. The Red Light Face Mask and Neck Enhancer can both boost skincare, mood, and hormonal balance by enhancing ATP production and collagen while regulating your circadian rhythm.

If you’re looking for an upgraded at-home "spa" experience this holiday season, learn more about HigherDOSE’s innovative products by listening to my podcast with the company’s founders, Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps.

Be sure to check out their products here and use code BGL20 for 20% off sitewide (with the exception of subscriptions and full sauna).

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Vibrant Blue Oils

Brain fog can steal your confidence and create uncertainty, insecurity, and anxiety, even if you're eating well and exercising. That’s where Vibrant Blue Oils’ parasympathetic blend of essential oils can help. It targets the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes "rest and digest" activities, such as lowering heart rate and improving digestion.

To use it, I apply the oils to my neck's vagus nerve and inhale deeply three times. The vagus nerve plays a major role in the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to regulate unconscious body functions like heart rate, breathing, sweating, and digestion. 

In other words, Vibrant Blue Oils parasympathetic blend gives your overhyped, sugar-infused nephew’s brain all of the support it needs to stop running around your house and breaking things. One whiff of this essential oil will have him falling fast asleep on the living room couch, keeping all of your great-grandmother’s fine china intact this holiday season.

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I've used LMNT for years, sucking down 1–2 packets daily in water to maintain energy, prevent dehydration symptoms like muscle cramps and headaches, and support the hundreds of internal systems that rely on proper electrolytes and hydration. Scientific literature suggests optimal health outcomes with sodium levels 2–3x higher than current recommendations. And during the holidays? You bet sodium levels are at an all-time high.

Created by my friend, Robb Wolf, who is a biochemist and the author of The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat, LMNT is the solution to hyponatremia. It contains no sugar or artificial additives, just essential electrolytes with a great taste. LMNT offers a science-backed electrolyte ratio of 1,000mg sodium, 200mg potassium, and 60mg magnesium, without any undesirable ingredients like sugar or artificial additives.

LMNT's unique flavors, such as Watermelon Salt, Chocolate Salt, and Lemon Habanero, transform water into a mineral-rich cocktail, supporting adrenal glands, energy levels, and brain and immune health. The zero-sugar formula suits those on keto, low-carb, or paleo diets, which makes this a great option during the holiday season as you gear up for the New Year’s goals ahead. As a bonus, the Citrus and Habanero flavors are both great in a low-sugar holiday margarita.

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Power Plate

If you’re a biohacker, athlete, or seeking peak physical performance, I've discovered the perfect gift for you. Trusted by 70% of professional sports teams, Serena Williams, F1 drivers, and myself, The Power Plate is a device I often use in my home gym. This device makes your training more effective, recovery faster, and delivers better results from exercises in less time. Working out with a Power Plate can activate up to 138% more muscle fibers and help burn 50% more fat during workouts. 

What makes Power Plate stand out is its patented Whole Body Vibration technology. When you stand on it, its vibrations make your muscles contract and relax rapidly. Even without a “formal workout,” you can still do traditional exercises like squats or push-ups while using it and burn a ton of calories. I did a whole article on whole-body vibrations, including the research behind it and how it works here

So, whether you aim for peak physical fitness, muscle building, or shedding extra weight before the holidays, Power Plate gets you there faster. Don't miss the limited-time 25% off offer for the Power Plate MOVE.

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My top pick for magnesium supplementation is easily BiOptimizers’ Magnesium Breakthrough. It’s one of the most important minerals for all aspects of health. It participates in over 600 different biochemical reactions in your body, yet over 80% of the population don’t get the minimum amounts of the types of magnesium they need from diet alone because U.S. soil lacks it. 

Fortunately, Magnesium Breakthrough contains all seven different forms of magnesium that most people lack, making it my top pick for ensuring I get all the magnesium my body needs — when you don’t, stress builds, energy fades, and you just don’t feel well overall. 

Nobody needs to fret about stress and magnesium depletion when you’re already under enough holiday stress navigating through an airport, wrapping yet another gift, and hearing from your great aunt Edna about the 12th official rescheduling of the family Christmas party.

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Limitless Life Nootropics

Ready to taste the magic of peptides with the best-of-the-best options? Limitless Life Nootropics is dedicated to helping you unlock your greatest potential through science-backed supplements. Their BPC157 Arginine Capsules combine a bioactive peptide with arginine to accelerate injury healing and rejuvenate your gut function. For those seeking next-level physique transformation, their 5-Amino 1MQ Capsules stimulate muscle growth while limiting fat storage. Additionally, their advanced Tesofensine Capsules suppress appetite and boost metabolism to help you finally conquer weight loss goals while improving mood. 

Explore my podcast with Jay Campbell on Limitless Life for more insight into these nootropic stacks. Finding quality peptides and guidance is challenging, but with Jay's endorsement and support, Limitless Life Nootropics are the best choice. 

For info on my go-to peptides, visit my full guide to all things peptides, how to get them, and my personal peptide stacks for muscle growth, fat loss, and more. Consider it a one-stop-shop resource page for you.

Experience the “limitless” possibilities when you choose Limitless Life Nootropics’ innovations in health and wellness. Click here to gain access to their nootropic supplements and use code BEN for 15% off.

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Maui Nui Venison

The best holiday gift you can bring to the eating and feasting table this year is Maui Nui Venison. It’s the most delicious and nutrient-dense red meat I’ve cooked, and I love sharing its mission to restore balance to the vulnerable ecosystems and communities of Hawaii. This is the only operation providing 100% wild and stress-free harvested venison direct to your door. Maui Nui Venison has the highest density of quality protein per calorie, which you can enjoy in jerky sticks, fresh cuts, bone broth, and their limited-release Holiday Roast.  

I’m no stranger to hunting, specifically for venison from axis deer. I actually hunted for axis deer on multiple islands in Hawaii, and this stuff is straight from that same lean venison, which is considered among game hunters to be some of the best-tasting wild game on the planet. Now, you can get it without needing to hop on a plane to go bowhunting in Hawaii — or anywhere else — with Maui Nui Venison.

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Are you seeking peak mental performance, improved productivity, faster learning, and enhanced thinking clarity? Then I have a gift idea for you. 

It’s the Muse smart headband, and it uses EEG sensors to help you retrain your mind to focus. During meditation, it tracks your brainwaves and tells you how focused or distracted you are with dynamic nature sounds. 

When you're focused, you'll hear birds chirping through your headphones; if you get distracted, the sound of rain reminds you to regain focus. Post-session, you’ll receive a report detailing your mental state. This direct biofeedback opens up a world of possibilities. With the Muse headband, you can build stronger focus and deeper calm into your daily life. I love what the makers behind Muse have done, so be sure to check out my podcast with them and learn how I combine my Muse headband with my regular meditation practices (and how you easily can, too).

Click here to get your Muse smart headband and take advantage of their limited-time 20% discount and a free year of premium app access.

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Bon Charge

When optimizing your circadian rhythm, I can’t stress enough the role proper lighting plays in your overall health. Bon Charge’s cutting-edge lighting technology mimics the natural light spectrum, ensuring your circadian rhythm stays in sync, leading to better sleep, enhanced focus, and improved well-being. 

With their options of PEMF mats, red light therapy products, blue-free lighting products, and more, this stuff can help protect you from ionizing radiation, like nuclear radiation and gamma rays, which are highly harmful and split atoms. Yikes. 

Whether you're at home, in the office, or working out, Bon Charge Circadian Friendly Lighting Solutions will elevate your environment. For example, I love to read, especially before bed, but I don’t want my reading at night to disrupt my circadian rhythm. The natural, soft, red-orange light from Bon Charge is a great option to give light to my book so I can read at night without sacrificing my circadian rhythm. Trust me, your body will thank you. Upgrade your life with light that aligns with your natural rhythms.

Click here and use code GREENFIELD for 15% off.

Get 15% off use code GREENFIELD


Modern life's fast pace can accelerate cellular damage and aging by limiting autophagy, recovery, and rejuvenation. The ProLon 5-Day Fasting Nutrition Program counters this by supporting the body in entering a rejuvenating state through fasting while still providing essential macro and micronutrients to keep you nourished. It activates the body’s natural ability to recycle damaged cells, repair tissues, and restore itself to a more youthful state.

ProLon is backed and designed by 14 global universities, ensuring expertise and research to nourish your body while inducing the cellular, metabolic, and emotional benefits of prolonged fasting. It only takes one ProLon cycle to support healthy aging and boost energy.

Plus, the selection of meals is made up of completely clean nutrition, tastes phenomenal, and leaves you fully satiated (as opposed to lying awake at night with insomnia and starving). Some of these meals include a variety of soups with clean ingredients, delicious nut bars with almonds and macadamias, and dietary supplements packed with much-needed vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids for nourishment.  

As the New Year approaches, it's the perfect time to embark on a journey to a healthier, rejuvenated you. Click here to gain access to their 5-Day Fasting Nutrition Program.

Get Access to the 5-Day Fasting Nutrition Program

Timeline Nutrition

Are you constantly pushing yourself to the limit but feel like your body isn't quite keeping up?

It can be disheartening to put your all into a fitness regimen only to feel you're missing a piece of the puzzle. Sometimes, it's not just about the workouts but diving deep into the cellular level of our bodies.

That’s why Mitopure, a clinically validated and highly pure form of Urolithin A, is the hero you didn't know you needed.

Mitopure initiates mitophagy, a remarkable process in which old and tired mitochondria are recycled, making way for new and fresh mitochondria. The result? Enhanced tissue performance, especially in the muscles, which leads to significant boosts in strength and endurance.

But that's not all — this groundbreaking nutrient revitalizes cells across your body, promoting better skin health, increased energy levels, and a youthful resilience that defies age.

This holiday season, surprise your fitness junkie sister who’s constantly looking for better ways to stay in shape and refine her fine lines by giving her the gift of Mitopure — the ideal present for anyone who values health and youthful vitality. 

Discover the breakthrough that can transform cellular health and redefine aging by clicking here to snag some Mitopure from Timeline Nutrition, and use code BEN for 10% off.

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Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, breathing around 30,000 gallons of air daily. According to the EPA, indoor air can be 2–5 times MORE polluted than outdoor air, and in some cases, 100 times worse. Additionally, data shows air pollution causes nearly 7 million premature deaths worldwide. 

One of the best solutions is AirDoctor, which filters out harmful contaminants like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold. Its UltraHEPA filter removes 99.99% of tested bacteria and viruses, and nearly 100% of particles as small as .003 microns. Featuring whisperJet fans, it's also 30% quieter than standard air purifiers.

This thing covers all your bases. It cleans 1,800 square feet per hour, generates healing negative ions, sucks up mold, fungus, and other harmful particles, and adjusts fan speed based on air quality. It’s the essential holiday gift for soaking up and nuking all those moldy odors at your aunt and uncle’s house, stress-free!

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Ben Greenfield Coaching

Are you craving a truly personalized approach to fitness and unwavering accountability to reach your goals?  

If so, your search ends today. 

Introducing the Elite Coaching Program — your passport to boundless success and transformation. 

Imagine having a team of dedicated expert coaches right by your side, crafting a training plan tailored exclusively for you. We'll dive deep into your unique goals, aspirations, and challenges to create a roadmap that leads you to success. And here's the best part — this intensive program, with a 4-month option, allows you to experience the power of Elite Coaching in a condensed format, perfect for you or your loved one looking to transform their health and fitness goals for 2024. 

Click here to lock in your spot for my Elite Coaching Program. For a limited time, I’m offering $100 off PER MONTH for those who purchase before the New Year. That is a $400 savings.

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Boundless Kitchen

Introducing the Boundless Holiday Cookbook Bundle.

This holiday season, elevate your health and well-being with a gift that keeps on giving. Discover the power of biohacking and culinary creativity with BGL’s exclusive book bundle, featuring not one but TWO groundbreaking cookbooks!

Cookbook 1: The original Boundless Cookbook — Dive into the world of biohacking with BGL’s first bestseller. Unlock the secrets of optimizing your nutrition for peak performance and vitality. Explore innovative recipes that blend science and taste like never before!

Cookbook 2: The BRAND NEW Boundless Kitchen — Embark on a culinary journey that pushes the limits of biohacking. This second installment introduces even more cutting-edge recipes and techniques, taking your health and taste buds to new heights.

Why choose just one when you can have both? :)

Bundle benefits include:

  • Doubling the recipes for twice the health-optimizing brilliance
  • Unleashing your inner chef with unique, scientifically proven dishes
  • Elevating your well-being and impressing your guests with every meal
  • Being the perfect gift for health-conscious foodies and biohackers alike

Click here to purchase the Boundless Holiday Cookbook Bundle (available 11/14/23) and receive an exclusive 25% off.

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Kion supports your most joyful, active life with pure, energy-enhancing supplements and functional foods and helps you tap into your own natural, internal power.

While many products give you energy right now, they fail to support your long-term well-being. In contrast, Kion redefines energy solutions with products designed to give you energy for life, every day. 

I formulated the Kion line to adhere to the highest standards of quality and effectiveness, and I really do use every product. If you walk into my pantry, it's basically top-to-bottom Kion supplements. Lately, one of my favorites has been the Kion Clean Vanilla Protein, which is the new superstar of my daily smoothie.

All of Kion's products are:

  • Research-backed and quality-tested
  • Made with the cleanest ingredients available to science and nature
  • Designed to support sustained, natural energy without the artificial boost or crash

From coffee for your java lover, to protein for your performance enthusiast, to immune blends for shoring up defenses against winter viruses, Kion has something for everyone on your Christmas list.

Use this link to get your hands on your favorite Kion products so your friends and family can start feeling their absolute best ASAP.

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